"... Go ye into all the world, and preach the gospel to every creature."  - Mark 16:15  

 At Park Heights A/G, we acknowledge the heart beat of the Gospel.
We have been privileged to participate in outreach with other churches and  ministries; at home and abroad.
 I would like for you to meet some of the wonderful people who are carrying the gospel to the lost and needy souls.
American Indian Ministry
Pastor Fred Bull Calf is cutting wood for the annual campmeeting
cookout. The cookout is in the beautiful mountains located in Glacier National Park.
The cookout usually comes at the end of Campmeeting. It is a
great time for fellowship with believers from several States, and the scenery is always beautiful.
Beautiful scenery make a family outing successful. A great
place to fellowship with the family of God, following a mighty campmeeting in Browning, Montana.
Bro. Fred and Sis. Phyllis Bull Calf are wonderful friends
who love our Lord Jesus. They are anointed with His Spirit to
win the lost at any cost.
Here they provide campmeeting guests with a wonderful meal,
outdoors, in the lovely Glacier National Park.
Greetings in Christ Jesus!
Thanks for visiting our web site. A special thanks goes out to
Bro. John and Sis. Mary Bunian for the construction of this web site.
Sis. Mary is the daughter of a great friend, and pastor, now deceased, Rev. M. Samuel, of Hyderabad, Andhra Pradesh, India.
Thanks Bro. John and Mary for the labor of love in the Kingdom of our Lord. Jamie Eitson, Pastor
Park Heights Assembly
A jolly couple is Bill and Carolyn Bartolomucci. They are from Whitesboro, Texas, and bring a wonderful presentation of the gospel in song.
Ron Charles is the son of Kenneth Charles. Ron has been successful Missionary to Muslims in the Middle East. Ron is also well received in many other Nations of the world.
Evangelist Kenneth Charles may have a lot of miles on him, but he is still the dynamic evangelist I have known for over forty years. Bro. Charles just keeps going on for Jesus. In this photo is a good outreach minister, Chief Blake. Chief and Childs Blake carry the gospel everywhere, and anywhere. I am pleased to have them in church when they are not in out reach ministry.
Billy Hamlett has been coming to our congregation for many years. Bro. Billy has chosen the month of September, my birthday, to make his apperance. Bro. Billy and Sis. Mary Ann are from Clairmont, North Carolina.
Park Heights Missions : India
Pastor Samuel has gone on to his glorious reward, and his family are carrying on the ministry. Bethel Full Gospel Ministries is lead by Rev. M. Henry Moses. Pastor Moses is pictured here preaching.
India Evangelists.
Park Heights Missions : Mexico
Doyle Henderson
Empty trailer in front of the newly built Church in Mexico. Rev. Doyle Henderson is standing in front of the trailer. Bro. Doyle heads up the trips made each time into Mexico. Many thanks to Doyle Henderson and Allen Bennett for their many trips to Mexico. A church now stands in a very needy community, because these two brethren had a vision to spread the gospel. Also, recognition is given to Ramon and Mary Tarango for their trips to the orphanages of Mexico. They carry clothes, food, and supplies for the children and house parents.
We must recognize those who have journeyed with us from the local church in Tyler, Texas. Jerry Skinner has gone on to receive his heavenly reward. Bro. Skinner made many trips to Mexico, Canada, New Mexico, and Montana. He has been greatly missed as a musician, and sound man in the church and especially as a good Brother and friend. Gene and Sissy Smith have traveled to Navajo in New Mexico. In this photo they stand with the Mother of Pasquelita Rodriquez, Pastor of White Horse Assembly of God. Gene and Sissy Smith are now pastors of Hosanna Full Gospel Church in Tyler, Texas.
Bobby Wallace has also Journeyed with us to various places: Canada, New Mexico and Arizona, In this photo we are with the Apaches in San Carlos, Arizona.
New Congregation in Mexico.
Unloading food and clothing at the orphanage. (Doyle and James Henderson)