People behind Park Heights A/G

  • Rev. L. E. Giddings had a vision to build a church in the present location of Park Heights A/G.
  • Land was purchased in 1953-54, and under the leadership of Rev. Elmer Giddings, Bethel Chapel A/G Church was built. Bro. Giddings pastored the church faithfully until 1957.
  • Rev. Earl Brotton became pastor in 1957, and stayed until 1964.
  • From 1964 until his death in 1971, Rev J. L. Sanford was the pastor. During this time the name of the church was changed to Park Heights Assembly of God.
  • Rev. Mrs. Onie Lee Sanford took up the pastorate after the death of her husband, and was pastor of the congregation until her resignation in 1973.
  • For a period of three months, in 1973, Rev. Nolan Sluder filled in as pastor.
  • In November 1973, Jamie Eitson was elected as the pastor of Park Heights, and is still pastoring at this time.
  • Additional land adjoining the original church property was purchased in 1979 for the purpose of building a larger auditorium and additional Sunday School rooms. This work was completed in 1984.
  • The present congregation is appreciative of those ministers who spent precious and valuable time in leadership. May God reward these ministers as faithful stewards and Shepherds of the flock.